Young engineer diving into design

Trasgo Trasgo

Trasgo, a new concept for a powerful electric aircraft

This project started as a final thesis on aerospace engineering bachelor's degree. The objective was to create something that could be built with current technologies and promoted and motivated further development on electric vehicles.

Trasgo Trasgo

Trasgo would achieve the same speed and manoeuvres as any internal combustion aerobatic aircraft. It aims at the aerobatics and competition sector as potential marketing use, trying to make electric vehicles more attractive. Similar to how Formula 1 technology and advertising applies to normal cars.


This configuration mitigates the lack of power of current batteries by using several direct-drive propellers. This means extremely simple and cheap maintenance.

Propellers, motors, batteries and pilot are aligned with the line of flight to improve aerodynamics and maneuvrability.

Visibility on the cabin is increased and there is no propeller in the front.


You may download this document that summarizes the project with print quality images.

Trasgo document screenshot

Below is the original thesis document with motivations, research, evolution of the concept and detail drawings. However, keep in mind that in this document the landing gear is still in a tail dragger configuration. Some details have changed but I decided to keep the document as it was in that moment.